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Terms and Conditions for the Farmhouse or Hayloft

1    Payment process

*    A deposit of 25%, or payment in full if under £250, is made at the time of booking, and sent with a completed Booking Form for our records.  A letter of confirmation of booking will be sent.
*    The balance, plus breakages etc deposit, is paid eight weeks prior to your holiday.  A letter of receipt will be sent. 
*    We request a security deposit cheque of £100 against substantial breakages and cleaning.   This is sent with your balance, eight weeks before your holiday.  It will not be cashed.  If all is well, your cheque will be returned within two weeks of your holiday.
*    Sterling cheques are made payable to George Haig.   If payments are to be made in Euros, we can provide details for electronic transfer or cheques to our company ‘SARL Accacia’.

2     Cancellation

You may cancel the booking at any time if the cancellation is made by the person who made the booking and subject to the following conditions:

Only the deposit is forfeit if the booking is cancelled between the time of the booking and 8 weeks prior to commencement;

If cancellation is made between 8 and 6 weeks prior to commencement, 50% of the total cost of accommodation will be forfeit;

If cancellation is made between 6 and 4 weeks prior to commencement, 75% of the total cost of accommodation will be forfeit;

If cancellation is made later than 4 weeks prior to commencement of the letting or after the letting has commenced, the entire cost of accommodation will be forfeit.

We advise taking out holiday insurance, which covers cancellation as well as other eventualities.  In French law, it is the individual who must be covered by insurance, not the proprietors, although we are insured.

3    Services
Bed linen, towels, gas and logs are provided. The price quoted for your letting includes all utility charges.  The house is professionally cleaned prior to each letting. 
There is an optional professional cleaning service at the end of your visit costing 50 euros.

4    Availability   
The property will be available from 4pm on the date that the booking commences.  The property is to be vacated by 10am on the day of departure.  A prompt departure is very much appreciated.

5    Responsibilities
We are responsible for the maintenance of equipment and facilities and for their provision in good repair prior to or during your stay.  You are responsible for equipment and facilities while you are here.  You should notify us if these do not work or are broken, as soon as possible.  If you damage equipment or facilities, you are responsible for the costs of repairs or renewal.  You should replace small breakages, such as glass and crockery, before you leave.  At the end of your stay, you have the responsibility for leaving the house in as clean and tidy a condition, as you found it.
There is an optional professional cleaning service at the end of your visit costing 50 euros.

6    Insurance
As well as holiday insurance mentioned above, we recommend that you be covered for medical expenses by bringing a European Health Insurance Card, available from any UK Post Office.

7    Amenities
The use of the accommodation, equipment, swimming pool and any other amenities on site is entirely at visitors’ risk and no responsibility can be accepted for injury, loss or damage to a person or belongings, including cars.  When using the pool, a responsible adult within a group must at all times supervise children under16 years, and any non-swimmers.

8    Description
While every effort has been made to ensure that the attached description is accurate and is made in good faith, the representations contained in it and any other advertising will create no liability on the part of the owners.