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What's new?
What's new?
Each year improvements are made at Ferme Christine. For those who have visited during the past thirteen years here are details of :

2011's principal improvements
* Farmhouse - Second floor twin bedroom renovated. New wood and plaster panelling and door.
* All bedrooms in Farmhouse and Hayloft - New moustiquaires (flyscreens) fitted.

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2010's principal improvements
*Farmhouse - New cooker with vitroceramic hob and electric oven.
*Hayloft - New electric oven and grill.
*Outdoor furniture - two sets of table plus 6 chairs  (one for front of Farmhouse and the other for the back garden).
*Facade - Brickwork cleaned and restored. Facade painted, two new sets of volets (shutters).
*Swimming pool - new liner.
The proprieter goes for an April cycle ride

  2009's principal improvements
*Farmhouse - New 37 inch HD television with TNT (French digital), DVD and video.
*Hayloft - New lounge seating, rug and table, washing machine.
*Outdoor furniture - 2 new pool loungers, 2 new wooden chairs, 6 new chairs for the pool barn.

2008's principal improvements
*Facade of farmhouse - brickwork cleaned and restored.
*Hayloft - Floor tiled, fully furnished, new kitchen installed, including dishwasher, microwave, electric hob and extractor.

2007's principal improvements
* New apartment 'The Hayloft' - major works finished.
* Salon of farmhouse renovated with panelling and beams sanded and varnished.
* New dishwasher in Farmhouse.
* Hedging planted at the borders of the land.